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TMCOne has primary and specialty care offices across Tucson. As part of the TMC Health system, TMCOne is your one stop for health care.

Schedule a TMCOne appointment as a:

Call 911 if you are seriously injured or feel you need emergency care. Emergency responders will help you decide the best course of action.

What option should I choose?

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    New Patient

    New patients and patients who have not been seen in three years by TMCOne can schedule an appointment as a guest.

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    Returning Patient

    As returning patient you can use use MyChart to schedule your next TMCOne appointment, see your medications, test results, upcoming appointments, medical bills, price estimates, and more all in one place.

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    TMCOne Today

    TMCOne primary care patients can stay connected when their provider is unavailable. Offering fast and easy telehealth appointments for patients 18 and up that do not require immediate emergent care.